Free Vibration of a Spring Mass System


1.  What is the natural frequency of a system?

2. Does the natural frequency of a system depend on mass?

3. How can you find the stiffness of a spring?

4. Explain the reasons in observing the damping phenomenon in the current experiment even though there is no damper attached to the setup.

5. How many natural frequencies can a system have?

6. What is the effect of damping ratio or damping factor on the system. What happens if it is equal to 1?

7. What is the damped natural frequency and how it differs from the natural frequency of a system?

8. How can you justify that given spring mass system as single degree-of-freedom system?

9. Can you change the stiffness of the system? What will happen to the natural frequency if you do so?

10 What is the necessity of finding the natural frequency?

11. If an external damper is provided to this system, what will be the effect on response of the system and if there is effect how it changes?

12. What are the practical examples of the discrete systems and continuous systems.